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The Hot Rolling Process California Steel Industries

The Hot Rolling Process The primary function of the Hot Strip Mill is to reheat semifinished steel slabs of steel nearly to their melting point, then roll them thinner and longer through 12 successive rolling mill stands driven by motors totaling 77,000 hp, and finally coiling up the lengthened steel sheet for transport to the next process.

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Nitrite is another widely accepted nonchromate closed cooling water inhibitor. Nitrite concentrations in the range of 6001200 ppm as NO 2 will suitably inhibit iron and steel corrosion when the pH is maintained above Systems containing steel and copper couples require treatment levels in the 50007000 ppm range.

Hotrolled and Colddrawn Difference

Hotrolled is based on the slab (mainly billet) as raw material, heated by a roughing mill and finishing mill group made of steel. From finishing the last one out of the hot strip mill by laminar cooling to the set temperature, the coiling machine rolled steel strip coils, steel roll cooled through different finishing line processing and become steel, flat volume and slitting steel products.

Big River Steel Water Treatment Plant Russula

Background. In April 2015, Big River Steel (BRS), located in Osceola, Arkansas awarded Russula the contract for the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) for the world’s first Flex Mill integrating a meltshop, hot strip mill and cold mill together.

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Cooling Roll, Water Cooling Roller have hard chrome plated surface. Cooled water passing through its Rotary joint to cools the hard chrome plated surface area of the Roll. Cooling Roll cools the contact area that touches the web materials or rubber rolls. There are different type Cooling Rolls like single shell, double shell

Water Requirements of the Iron and Steel Industry USGS

Water Requirements of the Iron and Steel Industry By FAULKNER B. WALLING and LOUIS E. OTTS, JR. ... Water use in the iron and steel industry varied widely and depended on the ... try generally considers all water used in rolling mills as cooling water, it is reported as such in this report. Intake water is water added to a

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Our cooling tower water treatment programs are designed to provide proper chemical water treatment and preventive maintenance of open recirculating, oncethrough and closed recirculating cooling tower systems. | Ecolab

United States Steel Corporation Midwest Plant Portage, Indiana

and noncontact cooling water is also sent to the Final Treat. Wastewaters entering the Final Treatment Plant are treated through this system to adjust pH, remove solids and remove any remaining oil. The effluent from this facility is discharged through NPDES Internal Outfall 104 and ultimately through NPDES Outfall 004 into Burns Waterway.

Rolling of Steel in a Modern Long Product Rolling Mill ...

Jun 19, 2017· The final dimensional quality of the rolled product is determined by the rolling stands within the finishing mill. The dimensional accuracy in the final product depends on many factors including the initial stock dimensions, roll pass sequence, temperature, microstructure, roll surface quality, roll and stand stiffness and the stock/roll friction condition.


Direct Cooling Water Circuits In the hot strip mill, high pressure water is sprayed on the hot rolled plates/coils as they move on the turnout table for descaling. Water is also sprayed to cool the rollers and bearings .The hot return water, laden with mill scale and lubricating oil, is drained into scale and medium sized mill scales

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Visit DuBois technical specialists December 45 in Winnipeg, at Booth 48. We will highlight our paint pretreatment, metalworking and waste water treatment solutions that will help you provide a farmer a high quality piece of equipment while maintaining environmental compliance.

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Custom Solutions for Unique Cooling Systems. ChemTreat is the knowledge leader in cooling water treatment. Our field engineers average 16 years of experience with industrial water cooling, providing our customers with the highest level of expertise and service available.


Russula is awarded one of the biggest contracts for Water Treatment Plants in the modern days of the steel industry. Planned to be operational by mid2016, the new water treatment plant will treat and cool an average flowrate of 154,100 GPM of water from the, Meltshop, Caster Hot Strip Mill, Laminar and Cold Mill.

Highperformance cold rolling mill for demanding materials ...

Alongside the cold rolling mill and its auxiliary equipment, the peripheral equipment, such as the demineralized water unit, fire extinguishing system, closed cooling water circuit and air treatment systems for balanced shop air management, including preheating and heat recovery, is part of SMS group's scope of supply.

Process Water Mill's Cooling Towers Twinfilter

Refineries, steel mill's, petrochemical manufacturing plants, electric utilities and paper mill's rely on equipment and processes that require efficient temperature control. Mill's cooling towers, cools process water for reuse however the process water is often contaminated.

contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill

HOME>>Product>>contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill. Cooling Water Management in Steel Hot Rolling Mills Uest. Cooling Water Management in Steel Hot Rolling Mills Furthermore, direct contact with hot steel enriches the water with a variety of pollutants in systems in iron and steel production is to minimize the above problems ...

Basic Cooling Water Management II

appreciate that cooling water is a vital part of the facility operation or production process; and second, that misinformation, fraudulent products, and marketing hype are common when cooling water treatment is the issue under discussion due to the proprietary nature of the water …

Process water quality requirements for iron and steel making

WATER ANALYSIS, STEEL FAIRFIELD WORKS, ALABAMA Water Use Runout table sprays and pickle liquor dilution water Noncontact cooling, cold rolling mills, plating lines, pickle liquor rinse water, and other facilities Analysis, mg/1 Oil andChlo TDS TSS Grease rides Sul …


provide cooling water. In all the water flow figures for the design of the water treatment plant, an overload margin of 20% has been used. Tables 1 and 2 show the flows for contact water and noncontact water respectively, in each area, once overdimensioning has been applied.

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Rolling Mill Applications Yokogawa helps leadingedge Iron and Steel plants through automation solutions that enable plantwide integration and lifecycle optimization. Here is a quick list of Rolling Mill units and applications for which Yokogawa has a global network of experts at your service, providing comprehensive automation solutions.

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Jul 13, 2015· Another use of process water is for pickling, cleaning, and coating operations in the cold rolling mills. The major use of water in the steel plant is for the purpose of cooling. Cooling water is generally classified as either noncontact or indirect cooling water and contact or direct cooling water.

contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill

Ntact Cooling Water Treatment Steel Roll Mill. contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill. contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill – . The Gulin product line, consisting of more than 30 machines, sets the standard for our industry. Chat With Sales. Plant Facilities, Bhushan Power Steel …

contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill

contact cooling water treatment steel roll mill. Mini Steel Mills sand washing machine. Mini steel mills normally use the electric arc furnace EAF to produce steel from returned steel water treatment sludges are generated at a rate of 20 kg/t of steel product Sludges and scale High water use is associated with cooling Recycle wastewaters to reduce the discharge rate to less than 5

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This application includes companies engaged in coldrolling steel sheets and strip and hotrolled steel sheets and strip. A waterbased coolant is used and requires continuous filtration to minimize buildup of solids which could cause defects and staining on the sheet finish.

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ArcelorMittal Cleveland is testing a new approach to water treatment and turning to Mother Nature for inspiration. A pilot project that kicked off this spring is using a plant – moss – to replace chemicals traditionally used in the hot strip mill water treatment process.

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We understand that your productivity and product quality could be impacted by the cooling water system. Industrial cooling tower and closed loop efficiency can be adversely affected by corrosion, scaling, fouling and biological contamination. Nalco Water offers a full array of solutions including chemicals, equipment, automation and software ...


The life cycle of water Water management in the steel industry ... without pre or posttreatment. It does not come into contact with the material or equipment. Fresh water is mainly used for processes and cooling. It comes into contact with the material and equipment and is treated

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It is therefore imperative that sufficient amounts of clean cooling water are available, to ensure the best possible product. Hot rolling mill cooling water systems are typically highly laden with solids, requiring a bank of filters in order to achieve system cleanliness.

Water Reuse Strategies: Steel Industry Case Studies

The steel industry has historically presented challenges for effective water treatment because it is a high water user and the applications may involve high heat, critical noncontact cooling, direct contact cooling, high suspended solids waters, oil and grease contamination, and complicated cascading.

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Steel Steel Treating of steel: In principle, heattreating already takes place when steel is hotrolled at a particular temperature and cooled afterward at a certain rate, but there are also many heattreating process facilities specifically designed to produce particular microstructures and properties. The simplest heattreating process is normalizing.

Wastewater recycling: Swedish steel plant goes green ...

The Oxelösund plant's recycling process operates by collecting both the cooling water and the slag formed on the surface of steel by the roller cooling in a basin under the rolling mill. This basin empties by gravity to a large sump, which receives about 1,000 m3 per hour of the slurry formed by the cooling water and slag particles.

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Continuous Caster Cooling Water Continuous Caster – Water Recycle. Since the 1960s, continuous casting has become increasingly important in modern steel production. Today more than 80% of the worldwide production uses this process. Liquid steel flows out of the ladle into the tundish, and then into a watercooled copper mold.